Minimum Rental Term

We do not have a minimum rental term. Rent for as little as one month.

How much is the delivery fee?

The delivery fee varies.   Downstairs from $75 – $125    Upstairs from $150 to $250

Pick up fee when the rental is over

We do not charge a pick up/extraction fee when the rental is over. Just let us know you are done and we will turn off the billing and come pick up the equipment.

What happens if the equipment stops working?

That is very unlikely but if the unit is giving you trouble or not working just give us a call and we will get one of our technicians out to address the issue at no charge to you.

What happens if I get bored with the unit I am renting and want to try something else?

That is one of the best parts of renting. You can swap equipment at any time. You would just need to pay the delivery fee for the new unit that we are bringing out.

Are the units you offer new or preowned?

The machines we rent are preowned and have been through our re-certification process that we use when we sell equipment.

What if I like the unit so much after a few months of rentals that I decide I would just like to buy it?

We allow you to apply 75% of as many as 6 of the previous monthly rental payments towards the purchase of the unit. (does not include the delivery fee).