Recertifying Process

Since we are in the commercial fitness service and repair business, our recertifying process begins before we even purchase the equipment. We are extremely selective about the equipment that we purchase for recertifying. We source our equipment primarily from our base of service customers. We have over 800 commercial customers for which we provide routine quarterly preventive maintenance. These customers are primarily apartments, hotels, corporate wellness centers, not the big box gyms that abuse and use-up equipment. We also work closely with the equipment manufacturers that we perform warranty repairs for to source good equipment that has been well cared for. In many cases, we are the company that did the initial install on the equipment and maintained it up to the point that it is being replaced. We do not buy worn out junk and try to make it good. We start with good equipment that has been well maintained and make it like new.

Process for recertifying:

Performed by our factory certified technicians

Initial multi-point inspection:

  • Console function
  • Programs
  • Heartrate
  • Noise level
  • Drive System
  • Elevation system
  • Resistance system

Parts Replacement:

  • Mechanical parts are inspected and replaced as needed
  • Batteries and drive belts are replaced on all units
  • Power cords are inspected and replaced if necessary

Cosmetic / Exterior restoration:

  • Thoroughly cleaned throughout
  • Worn covers, shrouds and end caps are replaced
  • Any minor scratches or paint wear are hand sanded and repainted to match

Final Inspection:

  • Re-inspection and re-testing of all functions and features to guarantee quality