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5 Benefits of Working Out on Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines are one of the most common fitness machines you can find at a gym, health club, or in a home-gym. It is a safe, low-impact machine that provides its users many health benefits. Keep reading to find out why elliptical machines are a great addition to your workout routine.

Before we start listing why elliptical machines are a good workout, keep in mind that there are many different brands of ellipticals and several different styles. Each machine provides slightly different benefits – but all remain generally the same.

Low-Impact Workout

Portrait of a happy elegant woman showing her biceps on gray backgroundMany people are looking for low-impact workouts, whether it’s due to aging joints, a prior injury, or want a break from running and jumping. The elliptical machine provides an amazing low-impact and joint-friendly workout. Even though this machine provides a low-impact workout, you can still make it high-intensity by increasing resistance and speeds. Just because your body is supported doesn’t mean you won’t break a sweat!

Tones the Entire Body

Elliptical trainers work both the upper and lower body. Many refer to elliptical machines as “cross-trainers” because they engage muscles from different parts of the body. With proper form, using this machine will burn more calories and tone more muscles than just using a lower body cardio machine.

Great for Cardiovascular Health

Just as exercise strengthens other muscles in your body, it helps your heart muscle become more efficient and better able to pump blood throughout your body. Spending 20-30 minutes on the elliptical can contribute to good heart health. Heart health is essential for a long and healthy life. Not only can an elliptical workout help your heart, it can help you lose weight, improve your cholesterol, and even lower your blood pressure by as many as five to seven points.

Improves Balance and Agility

Having good balance is key to preventing injury when working out. Elliptical machines are great for improving your balance and agility through the simultaneous movement of many muscle groups in your legs, arms, and core. An elliptical workout improves coordination, which helps you avoid injuries and falls. 

Stationary, Quiet Machine

While using an elliptical is a great workout, it is also stationary, which means these machines are great to use in any space. They can be inside a gym, outside in your garage, or placed in the corner of your home office. Not only can it be placed anywhere, but it is also generally quieter than a bike or treadmill, making it a perfect addition to your home-gym. The versatility of where you can place this machine makes it a great investment for your fitness and health.

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